Changes Coming in 2014

Wow change! I have a like dislike attitude about change. There are something’s I can do over and over and don’t want to change but there are other things that I don’t want to do over and over. I want to mix it up a bit. Well in 2014 a lot is about to change for me. As most of you already know I will be moving to Oklahoma City to be the Childhood Education Specialist at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. (BGCO) So that means my house is for sell & I am leaving the church where I have been the Preschool Minister for 8 1/2 years & moving from my childhood city to a new city. (Now I have lived in other cities before, Ft Worth, Atlanta area, & Birmingham area so Its not a new thing for me but I have been back of 8 1/2 years). I move for a few (hopefully for a few) month to a tiny apartment while I wait for my house to sell. I will visit churches to find a new church home and start a new position/job. I am excited to see what The Lord has planned for me in this new adventure. I’m sad to say good bye to some great people at the church but I also am glad that I won’t be far and can come visit often. Plus Facebook is a great tool to keep up with people.

I am looking forward to working with all Oklahoma churches as they minister to the children in their towns & cities. Working with their leadership to reach the children for Christ in a way that is best for the children & age approximate so that they will completely understand what they are doing & not question it later in life.

I also look forward to seeing our Oklahoma churches stepping up and caring for the orphans in their towns and cities and across the world. We should be leading out in this ministry and need because we have been commanded to do so!

I will also be encouraging churches to make missions a part of their Preschool & Children’s ministries. Teach them about other countries and the fact that so many people have never heard the name of Jesus. That missionaries are going all over the world to tell people about how much Christ loves them & they can be missionaries themselves right where they live.

Oh there are so many things that will be different for me but I know that as long as I’m doing what God wants me to do then I will be ok. I’m looking forward to finding more out of what The Lord has planned. I pray that in that plan I stay focused on Him and listen carefully to what He says.

Please pray with me that I stay focused on Him & do what He wants me to do.
(And my house sells quickly)

I also need to change this blog up and hopefully I can figure out how to change the name and “address” without loosing everything I have posted. Any name suggestions???? 🙂

Thank you for the prayers during these changes for me!



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